<tc>Medicinal hemp oil: how is it different from the regular one? </tc>

Medicinal hemp oil or ordinary oil extracted from hemp seeds - which is better? If the answer to this question concerns you too, it's time to compare them!

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    Note: This and other articles on Hempo's blog are for informational purposes only. According to the directive of the European Commission, cannabidiol is classified as a 'novel food', therefore CBD products should not be used as a food supplement in certain European countries.

    Medicininis kanapiu aliejus

    What is Hemp Oil (CBD) 

    It is important to mention that industrial hemp, from which medical hemp oil is made, usually does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the substance that causes intoxication. However, these plants are rich in cannabidiol (CBD) – a substance that can help combat various health conditions, including epilepsy and anxiety. This fact further emphasizes the main difference between industrial hemp and psychoactive cannabis - it is clear that one part of the same plant can have a completely different effect than another.

    As scientific evidence of the benefits of hemp increases, it is becoming a more popular tool for improving various health conditions and not only, for example, it has been proven that medical hemp oil can effectively alleviate various types of chronic pain or reduce high blood pressure. However, it is important to understand that more research needs to be done to fully understand whether it can help reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's. These studies could open the door to even broader use of medical hemp oil, which is especially valued for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

    Composition of hemp oil

    Fibrous hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds by cold pressing. It is mostly unrefined. The seed oil is enriched with substances useful for nutrition and the whole body. It is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, various trace elements, proteins, minerals, fibers, healthy fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6). It does not contain CBD, THC or other cannabinoids.

    Meanwhile, medicinal hemp oil (or CBD oil) is extracted from fibrous hemp flowers, which contain a high concentration of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and/or terpenes, flavonoids. Compared to ordinary oil, medicinal oil is more complicated to extract, and its extraction technology is more expensive.

    Possibilities of use

    Hemp seed oil has versatile benefits for the body:

    • Enriches skin care routine. Due to the omega-3 and omega-6 acids contained in hemp seeds, this product nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin, stimulates its regeneration processes, and can promote the healing of wounds and various superficial skin lesions.
    • Fights aging processes. The seed oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E. This vitamin slows down skin aging processes, helps fight photoaging. With regular use of this product, the skin becomes more elastic, more youthful, and wrinkles are reduced.
    • Improves hair condition. The vitamins and micronutrients in hemp seeds can help strengthen worn-out, damaged, dull hair. They become more lush, stronger, the ends of the hair break less.
    • Helps digestion. Regardless of age, smooth digestive processes are important for our good health and well-being. Hemp seeds are high in fiber. Consuming a small amount of this oil in food (or on its own) ensures good digestive function, eliminates toxins faster, reduces bloating and other unpleasant symptoms.
    • Reduces bad cholesterol. High cholesterol is associated with a shorter life span, obesity, cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, varicose veins, etc.). The healthy fatty acids and vitamin D found in hemp seeds can help lower unwanted cholesterol and protect against the aforementioned diseases.

    Due to its intense effects, medicinal CBD oil can be used to improve physical and emotional health, as well as to combat various diseases:

    • Reduces stress. Do you often experience stress and tension? We have bad news. This is much more than a small child. Constant stress has a huge negative effect on the body. It can lead to sleep and eating disorders, mental illness, and even shorten life expectancy. Scientific research and experiments suggest that medicinal hemp oil is effective in relieving stress symptoms.
    • Helps improve mental health. medicinal cannabidiol oil is thought to be beneficial for people with depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), anxiety or eating disorders. Although CBD products are not a substitute for prescription medications, they can significantly improve quality of life. Regular use of hemp oil improves the quality of sleep, makes it easier to concentrate, and reduces anxiety.
    • Relieves various pains. CBD affects pain receptors and reduces pain in the muscles, head, and other parts of the body. This oil can be used after sports training, as well as in case of chronic diseases. Also, scientists believe that CBD can slow the growth of some tumors.
    • Helps regulate the hormonal system. Studies have found that CBD oil helps regulate the release of the stress-activating hormone cortisol and other hormones. It helps to balance the hormonal system and provides a better sense of well-being.
    • Helps with oncological diseases. Organic hemp oil containing cannabidiol and other cannabinoids may help cancer patients. It alleviates the symptoms of oncological diseases, mitigates the side effects of treatment, and helps the body to recover faster.
    • Protects against infections and inflammations. CBD has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are relevant for the whole body: if you have acne (acne), have other skin diseases or want to improve immunity. Medicinal hemp oil increases the body's resistance to pathogens, relieves inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

    The Effects of Medical Hemp Oil

    Understanding the effects of medical hemp oil is particularly important for those considering its use for health-related purposes. Medical hemp oil, derived from the hemp plant, is receiving increasing attention due to its potential benefits and versatile application in various medical fields. One of the most significant advantages of medical hemp oil is its anti-inflammatory properties, which are promising for treating chronic pain caused by conditions such as arthritis. Additionally, medical hemp oil is used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, making it a natural alternative to traditional medications.

    As mentioned, medical hemp oil is rich in CBD and other cannabinoids. Their effects are noticeable, rapid, and intense. The cannabinoids in the oil interact with the endocannabinoid system in each person's body and the cannabinoid receptors present within it.

    Regarding the use of medical hemp oil, its versatility is worth mentioning. It can be administered in various forms—whether as oil, capsules, or topical products—meeting all consumer needs and preferences. Understanding these aspects of medical hemp oil is crucial for individuals who wish to make informed decisions about incorporating it into their wellness regimen. Ongoing scientific research will likely reveal the full spectrum of effects of medical hemp oil in the near future, which will aid in its effective and safe use worldwide.

    However, it is important to be aware of the possible side effects of medical hemp oil. Although it is generally well-tolerated by many people, some may experience mild side effects such as fatigue, dizziness, or changes in appetite. As with starting any new health product, especially if you have other health conditions or are taking other medications, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional.

    Hemp oil, which is different, has a much weaker effect because it does not contain cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.

    CBD poveikis

    How Medical Hemp Oil is Made

    The production of medical hemp oil is distinctive because it uses hemp flowers and leaves, not just seeds or stalks, to extract a product characterized by a rich cannabinoid composition. During this process, the structure of the cannabinoids remains intact, allowing the user to experience the “Entourage Effect” which ensures a synergistic action of cannabinoids and terpenes together.

    The CO2 extraction method, which was previously quite commonly used for extracting essential oils from various plants, has recently become popular in the CBD product industry as well. This method of producing medical hemp oil safely isolates active substances without using any petroleum products. This process, also known as fractional distillation, allows for the separation of cannabinoids. Moreover, CO2 extraction is performed at relatively low temperatures to ensure that the cannabinoid structure is not damaged. CO2 can also be reused in a closed-loop extraction process, reaching the necessary pressure and temperature to become gas again - all these complex processes describe how medical hemp oil is made.

    Are Medical Cannabis Products Safe?

    If you sometimes wonder whether people using cannabis products are stepping into the unknown, we invite you to get acquainted with medical cannabis oil and its characteristics. Indeed, the use of the popular cannabinoid THC does carry risks. For this reason, many individuals considering the use of medical cannabis first seek to learn about the clinical studies already conducted in this area. While medicinal preparations containing CBD, such as "Epidiolex" are considered a safer option, it's important to remember that many cannabis products still contain a certain, albeit minimal, amount of THC.

    It is important to highlight that regular THC consumption can increase the risk of psychosis, which may manifest as schizophrenia. It's also crucial to consider the potential for developing dependence on this substance. Before using cannabis for medical purposes or any products made from cannabis, evaluate the associated risks to make informed decisions.

    Product price

    medicinal CBD oil is extracted from fibrous hemp grown on organic farms. This product is more difficult to extract using modern and expensive technologies. It goes through a thorough testing process to ensure its safety and effectiveness. This CBD oil is believed to provide an intense healing effect on the body. Considering all the above factors, its price is significantly higher compared to regular hemp oil.

    The cost of ordinary hemp oil is much lower - it is easier and faster to extract, and its production does not require complex and expensive technologies. This oil is useful and effective, but it is weaker and is not used for health improvement, but for preventive, nutritional and cosmetic purposes.


    Although both oils are extracted from the hemp plant, judging by their active ingredients and the effects they provide, it is clear that they are two different but valued products: each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    For those who want to use the oil for preventive purposes, improving the condition of hair, nails, and skin, as well as to enrich the diet with Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, hemp seed oil is an excellent choice.

    Meanwhile, in order to significantly improve the state of emotional health, to relieve pain of various origins, to fight with oncological problems, to improve the quality of sleep, mood, working capacity, medicinal hemp oil is a much more effective solution.

    Dažnai užduodami klausimai

    Kuo medicininis kanapių aliejus skiriasi nuo įprasto kanapių sėklų aliejaus?

    Medicininis kanapių aliejus, arba CBD aliejus, yra išgaunamas iš pluoštinių kanapių žiedų ir savo sudėtyje turi didelę CBD bei kitų naudingųjų kanabinoidų koncentraciją. Tuo tarpu įprastas kanapių aliejus yra gaminamas iš sėklų ir savo sudėtyje neturi CBD (kanabidiolio).

    Kokias sveikatos problemas gali padėti spręsti medicininis kanapių aliejus?

    Medicininis kanapių aliejus gali padėti sumažinti stresą, gerinti psichinę sveikatą, malšinti įvairius skausmus, reguliuoti hormonų sistemą ir netgi padėti sergant onkologinėmis ligomis dėl savo antioksidacinių savybių.

    Ar medicininis kanapių aliejus yra legalus ir saugus vartoti?

    Medicininis kanapių aliejus yra legalus daugelyje Europos ir kitų pasaulio šalių, tačiau jo legalumas ir prieinamumas gali skirtis priklausomai nuo regiono. Medicininis kanapių aliejus įprastai yra laikomas saugiu, tačiau jis visuomet turėtų būti vartojamas atsakingai bei laikantis gamintojo nurodymų.

    Ar medicininis kanapių aliejus sukelia šalutinį poveikį?

    Medicininio kanapių aliejaus vartojimas dažniausiai yra saugus, tačiau kai kurie žmonės gali patirti nežymių šalutinių poveikių, pvz., burnos džiūvimą, lengvą nuovargį ar pan. Visuomet svarbu pradėti nuo mažiausios CBD dozės ir stebėti organizmo reakciją. Esant poreikiui, CBD dozė gali būti didinama palaipsniui.

    Ar medicininis kanapių aliejus gali būti naudojamas kartu su kitais vaistais?

    Prieš vartojant medicininį kanapių aliejų kartu su kitais vaistais, svarbu pasitarti su savo gydytoju, nes CBD gali sąveikauti su kai kuriais receptiniais vaistais, keisdamas jų metabolizmą.