Types of CBD oil and their differences

When shopping for CBD (or cannabidiol) products, you may come across different types of CBD. They all have their own unique benefits and differences that many people probably know very little about.

If you still don’t know which type of CBD may suit you best, it’s time to learn more about CBD oil, its types and differences between them.

Although the three types of cannabidiol (CBD) extract may appear similar at first, they have very different molecular compositions. The intensity of their effects and even their purpose can be very different, too. In this article, we will try to explain the essential differences between three types of CBD extract as clearly as possible.

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    Note: This and other articles on Hempo's blog are for informational purposes only. According to the directive of the European Commission, cannabidiol is classified as a 'novel food', therefore CBD products should not be used as a food supplement in Lithuania.

    Skirtingos_CBD_rusys_ir_ju_skirtumaiFirst of all, it is important to know that hemp plants have 113 different types of cannabinoids (one of them is cannabidiol), as well as various terpenes (myrcene, carophyllene, limonene, humulene, etc.) and flavanoids (vitexin, apigenin, canaflavin, etc.) All these active substances can be beneficial for the body in their own way.

    According to scientists, when cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids work together in a certain medium, the so-called "Entourage effect" comes in play. This means that all these molecules work together, strengthening each other’s effects and benefits for human health and well-being.

    What is CBD oil used for?

    CBD oil is a versatile and natural remedy that is becoming increasingly popular due to its many health benefits, but many people still wonder what CBD oil is used for. In order to answer this question, it is first necessary to understand the difference between the different types of CBD oil. The main types of CBD oil are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Each of these types of CBD oil has unique benefits. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the beneficial compounds found in hemp, sometimes including a small amount of THC, while broad-spectrum CBD oil generally has the THC material completely removed, but contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD isolate is pure CBD without any other cannabinoids or beneficial compounds.

    There are many different reasons for using CBD oil, but most people choose it for better sleep and/or for its anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects. CBD oil's calming effect on the nervous system can help relieve insomnia and improve sleep quality. Additionally, many use CBD oil to reduce stress and anxiety. CBD oil's interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain can lead to a calmer state, making various types of CBD oil an excellent choice for managing everyday stress.

    CBD oil is also used to boost the immune system. Its anti-inflammatory properties and interaction with the human endocannabinoid system can enhance the immune system. Additionally, people suffering from fibromyalgia can also experience relief from CBD oil. Its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the chronic pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

    To sum up what CBD oil is used for, it can be said that various types of CBD are a versatile natural remedy that can help with a variety of health problems, from mental well-being to physical ailments. CBD oil can be an excellent choice for those looking for a holistic and alternative treatment for many health ailments.

    Different types of CBD oil: how to choose?

    When choosing a CBD oil, it’s easy to see CBD is available as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. Many people face a dilemma: which one to choose? This is where we come to the rescue: let’s take a look at the properties of different types of CBD oil.

    1. Full spectrum CBD oil is one of the most popular products, and there is a reason for that. It has the widest range of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.), including terpenes and flavonoids. This type of CBD extract is considered the most effective because it has the biggest ‘entourage (synergy) effect’ of cannabinoids. This effect leads to greater effectiveness of CBD. It occurs when the co-cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD oil work together to enhance the effects of CBD on the body.

    It is the most natural form of CBD because it does not require extensive processing to extract it, which preserves all the beneficial cannabinoids. As this extract preserves the full composition of beneficial cannabinoids, it may also contain very small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which may cause unwanted side effects (redness of the skin) in a small number of people. With the help of the latest technology, Hempo full-spectrum CBD oil is safe - the maximum content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is removed and does not exceed 0.2%, which is the permitted level in Lithuania and many countries around the world.

    Important! Many CBD products in Lithuania are marketed as full spectrum, but if you look at their test results, you can see that they contain only a few cannabinoids, e.g. CBD and CBG. So, before buying full-spectrum CBD products, make sure they contain all the main cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG).

    2. Broad spectrum CBD oil does not have a specific composition, so the extract can contain only a few cannabinoids and/or terpenes or a wide range of compounds and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, such as cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN) and terpenes (myrcene, limonene or pinene).

    Broad-spectrum CBD products will never have the full profile of beneficial hemp plant compounds as a full-spectrum CBD extract. In short, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is something between full-spectrum CBD, which contains all the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant (with very small quantities of THC), and CBD isolate, which contains no other beneficial cannabinoids except cannabidiol (CBD). 

    Despite this, it’s still fairly potent CBD oil that is recommended for people who are unwilling or unable to use products that contain even a minimum amount of THC.

    3. CBD isolate is a 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD) product that is extracted by removing all other active ingredients (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils). It means that CBD isolate products do not provide the entourage (synergy) effect and are usually less effective than, let’s say, full-spectrum CBD.

    However, this type of cannabidiol (isolate) does not contain any of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC and therefore is an excellent choice for professional athletes, pregnant women and pets.

    As a rule, CBD isolate dissolves in water and does not have a distinct taste and aroma of the hemp, which makes it perfect for different CBD food products, including chocolate, gummies and cookies.

    medicininis kanapiu aliejus

    Which type of CBD oil is the most effective?

    In order to understand which type of CBD oil is the most effective, it is important to know what types of CBD oil exist in general. By reading this article, you have already had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the main types of CBD - full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. However, full-spectrum CBD is often considered the most effective type of CBD because of the "Entourage Effect". This phenomenon refers to the synergistic interaction of cannabinoids, terpenes and other full-spectrum compounds in CBD oil. These components have been found to enhance each other's effects when acting together.

    When it comes to which type of CBD is the most effective, it is important to mention that full-spectrum CBD oil contains various cannabinoids, but it can also contain a small amount of THC, which is the psychoactive substance of the hemp plant (however, the permissible amount of THC - 0.2% does not cause any psychoactive effects). This small amount of THC, together with other cannabinoids and terpenes, contributes to the effective effects of full-spectrum CBD oil, so it is this type of CBD that, compared to CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD, in which the THC material has been removed, may be more effective in improving certain health or well-being problems.

    Different types of CBD oil provide unique benefits. CBD isolate, which is the purest form of CBD, is often chosen by those who want to avoid THC altogether. Broad-spectrum CBD is an in-between option for those who are undecided about which type of CBD to choose, as it contains not only CBD, but also other cannabinoids, but no THC. However, as already mentioned, the most versatile and effective type of CBD is full-spectrum CBD.

    In summary, although the effectiveness of CBD depends on individual needs and circumstances, full-spectrum CBD is generally considered the most effective type of CBD due to its complex effects. It is important that individuals consider their personal needs and consult with a healthcare professional when choosing the type of CBD that is best for them.

    The best CBD Oil

    In order to fully understand the different types of CBD oil and their essential differences, and in order to choose the best CBD oil, it is important to consider several essential indicators.

    If you want to find high-quality CBD oil, it is recommended that you check the CBD reviews of each brand. The experiences of other users can provide important information about a product's effectiveness and various potential health benefits. However, it is not enough to rely only on others - it is necessary to take into account your own personal needs.

    The best CBD oil is always of the highest quality, and its manufacturer should publicly provide third-party laboratory test results. These tests guarantee that the product meets quality standards, contains the declared amount of CBD and other cannabinoids and is free of harmful contaminants. In order to ensure safety and understand the composition of CBD oil, it is necessary to check the product's laboratory test reports.

    Let's not forget that the quality of the hemp itself also determines the effectiveness of CBD oil. The best CBD oil is made from organically grown hemp that has not been grown with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This approach not only ensures safe extraction, but also enhances the beneficial properties of CBD oil.

    In summary, when looking for the best CBD oil, it is important to understand what the different types of CBD oil are, evaluate user reviews, check lab test results, and prioritize only those products made from high-quality hemp. Only such a comprehensive approach will allow you to make an informed decision and reap the maximum benefits of CBD oil.

    Quality is just as important as type

    For good results, not only the type of oil is important, but also the quality. Perhaps the most important criterion for a CBD product is its place of origin.

    Choose oil made from hemp grown naturally in Europe or the US. Hemp very easily absorbs substances from the soil in which it grows. These can be beneficial additives: minerals, vitamins and nutrients. However, if the soil is contaminated, substances such as heavy metals, petroleum products and other potentially toxic contaminants can accumulate in the hemp plant.

    This is why you should buy only certified, safe CBD oil, grown on organic farms using responsible farming practices and tested by a third-party laboratory. Its composition should be clearly indicated and contain only natural ingredients without artificial additives. Such oil, regardless of the type, will be safe to use and provide maximum benefits for your health and well-being.

    Kaip gaminamas CBD aliejus

    Types of CBD Products

    The dynamic wellness market has been dominated by CBD products for some time, and the different types of CBD products allow everyone to meet their individual needs. One of the types of CBD products - CBD oil - has already managed to become extremely popular all over the world and is known and appreciated for its versatility and ease of use. It is important to mention that for those who want to experience the benefits provided by CBD, but prefer a more precise dosage, CBD capsules are an ideal choice - using CBD capsules ensures a fixed dose of CBD, therefore, it is easier to regulate the amount of CBD consumed.

    Many people decide to try topical CBD products - gels, creams and balms - in order to understand the difference between CBD types and which type of CBD product is most suitable for them. Each of these types of CBD products is tailored for a specific use, usually these products are applied directly to the skin in order to feel the effect of CBD on a specific part of the body. CBD gels have a special cooling effect, so they are suitable for relieving muscle pain. The composition of CBD creams and balms is often enriched with other skin-beneficial ingredients that further enhance the soothing properties of CBD.

    Many people concerned with pain management are choosing CBD pain patches. Transdermal patches ensure an efficient release of CBD, which provides a long-lasting and targeted effect. This type of CBD product guarantees proper absorption of CBD through the skin, making it a discreet and effective way to relieve pain.

    Another alternative, although we don't recommend it, is inhalable CBD liquid, which is used to fill e-cigarettes. Although inhaled CBD liquid ensures rapid delivery of cannabidiol into the bloodstream and effects, the process itself is harmful to both the lungs and the bloodstream, so we suggest looking for better alternatives to CBD consumption.

    In summary, both different types of CBD and different types of CBD products can provide multiple benefits and meet different needs, which only once again proves the versatility of CBD in the field of health.


    We hope that this information has helped you learn more about the different types of CBD oil and decide which one might be best for you. Or perhaps you are looking for more facts about CBD? Then read our article about the benefits of CBD oil.

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    Kuo tarpusavyje skiriasi CBD rūšys?

    Pilno spektro CBD aliejaus sudėtyje yra visi kanapėse randami kanabinoidai, flavonoidai, terpenai ir kiti naudingi junginiai. Plataus spektro CBD aliejuje yra pilnai pašalinta THC medžiaga, tačiau jame yra išsaugoti kanabinoidai ir kiti naudingi junginiai. CBD izoliatas yra grynas CBD be kitų kanabinoidų ar naudingųjų junginių.

    Kas yra pilno spektro CBD aliejus?

    Ši CBD aliejaus rūšis pasižymi plačiausia kanabinoidų (CBD, CBG, CBN ir kt.) sudėtimi, įskaitant terpenus ir flavonoidus. Ši CBD ekstrakto rūšis yra laikoma efektyviausia dėl “Palydos efekto”.

    Kas yra plataus spektro CBD aliejus?

    Ši CBD aliejaus rūšis savo sudėtyje gali turėti kelis skirtingus kanabinoidus ir/ar terpenus, taip pat kitus kanapių augale randamus natūralius junginius. Plataus spektro CBD aliejuje yra pilnai pašalinta THC medžiaga.

    Kas yra CBD izoliatas?

    CBD izoliatas yra gryniausia kanabidiolio (CBD) forma. Skirtingai nuo pilno ar plataus spektro CBD aliejaus, CBD izoliate nėra kitų kanabinoidų, terpenų, flavonoidų ar bet kokių kitų kanapėse esančių junginių. CBD izoliatas nėra toks efektyvus kaip pilno ar plataus spektro CBD aliejus.

    Kas yra „Palydos efektas“ ir kaip jis susijęs su CBD aliejumi?

    „Palydos efektas“ - tai reiškinys, kai CBD aliejuje esantys kanabinoidai, terpenai ir flavonoidai veikia sinergiškai, sustiprindami vienas kito poveikį - jis būdingas pilno spektro CBD aliejui.