Why is CBD oil so expensive?

If you’ve spent any time shopping for CBD, the following question has certainly crossed your mind: ‘Why is CBD oil so expensive?’

The reason why CBD is so expensive is the fact that due to the hemp cultivation, extraction, quality control procedures and current market conditions, it’s virtually impossible to produce cheap CBD oil while maintaining high quality.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but since we don’t want to just complain about the prices, we are going to give you some suggestions on how you can save when buying high-quality CBD products.

But first, let’s take a look at the current challenges that keep the price of CBD oil so high.

 CBD oil price

Why is CBD oil so expensive?

CBD brands who are committed to create safe and effective extracts must meet several quality criteria, all of which make them more expensive than the average multivitamin pill or cosmetics.

Specialty hemp is difficult to grow

Although hemp itself is not a demanding plant, growing hemp poses some challenges that make CBD more expensive than other plant products.

Hemp requires a lot of manual work and inspection during growth. For example, some plants may contain more THC than is legally allowed and must be destroyed and disposed of. To avoid this, hemp farmers must constantly monitor these plants.

Harvesting hemp presents another issue. If a farm previously produced strawberries or tomatoes, the farmers may not own the machinery needed for hemp harvesting – it’s another big expense.

Finally, the hemp must go through a drying process, which can require large, sheltered spaces with adequate ventilation.

These issues add up to high prices of CBD.

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Investing in extraction equipment requires a lot of resources

In a perfect world, CBD extraction would be as simple as squeezing oil out of hemp flowers, but in reality it’s much more complicated.

Hemp extraction requires sophisticated, highly calibrated and expensive machines. Although ethanol extraction is more affordable, it’s not as accurate as CO2 extraction.

Manufacturers have to choose between scaling up and producing consistent amounts of products, so as a trade-off they increase the price of CBD oil.

The equipment needed for CO2 extraction can cost €150,000, not to mention laboratory technicians and analysts, whose rates are also high.

Refinement of CBD oil is another step after extraction that can increase the price of CBD oil products. Some people avoid any THC content, so they choose broad-spectrum extracts over full-spectrum. However, to produce a broad-spectrum product, producers must further refine the oil.

Quality control, good manufacturing practices and development require major investment

Reputable companies don’t simply make CBD products and put them out in the world. Hempo team spends a lot of time and effort to create products that meet the highest quality control standards and are produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.

All of which contributes to why CBD is so expensive.

These steps require highly qualified, experienced and educated laboratory staff, state-of-the-art equipment and a GMP compliant laboratory to verify product quality and safety.

Companies offering cheap CBD oil often bypass the above, which shouldn’t be the case if the product is supposed to make you feel better.

One way to make sure you are making the right decision when choosing a CBD product is to look for companies who test their products throughout the production process. Companies should always test their product batches and provide lab results, otherwise known as a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). This certificate verifies the product content and ensures that no harmful chemicals or additives were used at any point in the production process.

 How to save on CBD oil

CBD is a new product

One of the main reasons why CBD is so expensive is the fact that it’s simply a new product. Commercial hemp production was legalised in many EU countries only in 2020, so like any new product, CBD oil products are experiencing price inflation.

It may also take time for farmers and producers to rationalise the production and sale of CBD and figure out how best to grow organic hemp without increasing costs. It may take several years for the process to become cheaper.

CBD marketing and distribution are hampered

Many major online platforms, like Amazon and eBay, do not allow the sale of CBD products. Some pharmacies are also slow to start selling CBD products, creating availability issues.

Limited availability and high demand contribute to higher prices.

CBD sellers also struggle with marketing opportunities. Major search engines (Google), social media giants (such as Instagram and Facebook) and various broadcasting networks ban CBD advertising and CBD-related products, making advertising a real test.

CBD companies face funding issues

Despite growing acceptance of hemp across the European Union and around the world, many financial institutions shy away from supporting hemp companies; this includes limiting specific services to such companies.

Banks, money collection apps (PaySera) and credit card processing companies that choose to work with CBD companies may charge more for their services to compensate for the risk, which explains why CBD is so expensive

With financial institutions still reluctant to work with hemp, CBD producers are turning to private investors. And investors generally want a quick return on investment (ROI), so that can also drive up prices.

Not all CBD products are made the same

It goes without saying that a well-made product with organic ingredients would cost more. Sometimes CBD is so expensive because everything from hemp cultivation to extraction methods and additional ingredients is top notch.

However, some companies sell poorly made CBD oils at high prices because they know they can get away with using the excuse ‘we pay a lot for high quality’ without supporting these claims with legitimate lab reports.

There is a lot of misinformation in the CBD space, with some sellers using it to promote fake CBD oils that sometimes contain no cannabidiol, or to claim that their products are full-spectrum, even though lab test analysis shows otherwise. (Article: ‘Types of CBD extracts’).

Rip-offs are expensive by nature

Scammers can be found everywhere, and the CBD market is no exception. Remember when we mentioned that CBD oil is not permitted for sale on Amazon and eBay?

Well, some creative sellers are taking advantage of this and selling mislabeled products that contain hemp seed oil instead of CBD oil, luring consumers with ridiculously high milligram numbers.

Remember, when you see a 5,000 mg bottle of ‘hemp oil’, you are paying for a product that contains ZERO active cannabinoids.

High demand for CBD

A product in high demand may also be priced higher than its less popular counterparts. When you combine this with CBD oil’s incredible health versatility, it’s no wonder why some high-quality CBD products are so expensive.

Why you shouldn’t buy cheap CBD oil products

Considering how expensive some CBD oils can be, seeing a CBD product for sale at a bargain price is sure to get you noticed.

However, if you resist the temptation and consider all the factors that determine the price of CBD oil, you will realise that it’s most likely a low-quality product.

Here are 5 signs of a bad quality CBD product:

  • No online shop. If a company only sells its products through social media or ad portals, there’s a good chance it’s a scam. Social media platforms are very strict when it comes to promoting hemp products. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram often prohibit sponsored posts about CBD. It's one thing to advertise on social media or ad portals, but if a company claims to only sell CBD oil through these channels, it’s likely a very suspicious deal;
  • Small number of reviews. Reliable CBD companies have many positive reviews on third-party websites. In addition, they actively participate in the social space and care about their community. If a company has little or no online presence, that’s another red flag;
  • No lab results. Third-party lab results are the gold standard for CBD companies and independent regulation. No certificates, no trust – it’s that simple;
  • Far-reaching claims. While it’s good that CBD companies keep up with the latest hemp research, claiming that a product is a ‘miracle drug’ is an outright lie and a sign that your seller hasn’t taken the time and effort to even read the research headlines;
  • Free offers. ‘Just pay for shipping and handling’ – scammers often use this phrase to cash in on a booming market or steal your personal information. Beware of any free offers you come across online.

Always do your research about your potential suppliers. Your health is the most important thing, and no amount of money can buy it for you.

 How to save when buying CBD

How to save on premium quality CBD

Knowing why CBD is so expensive, we do our best to provide our community with the best deals on high-quality CBD oils. In addition to the usual coupon codes, you can use the following methods to save money on your next order.

Sign up for the Hempo CBD newsletter

First-time buyers and subscribers to our newsletter get up to 25% off all products. Newsletter subscribers also receive regular updates on CBD market news, new products and exclusive promotions.

Follow Hempo on social media

By following Hempo on Instagram and Facebook, you can find out about special discounts and contests where you can win our CBD products for free.

Buy in bulk

If you regularly use large amounts of CBD, buying in bulk is a great way to enjoy instant savings. For example, one bottle of Hempo full-spectrum 15% CBD oil costs €59. Buy 3 packs of this oil and get a 25% discount, paying €132.75 instead of €177 and saving €44.25

Opt for higher CBD concentrations

Although a product with a higher CBD content is more expensive than a product with lower content, you pay significantly less per milligram of CBD, which is a true indicator of the product’s price. Oil with a higher CBD content will also last longer, e.g. two months instead of, let’s say, two weeks.

That’s why CBD is so expensive

It’s normal for people to ask: ‘Why is CBD oil so expensive?’ After all, what you see is a miniature bottle filled with a viscous extract – so why pay up to €90 for it?

Now you can see that there are many factors that lead to such high prices, from hemp cultivation to extraction equipment, skilled workers and a trustworthy third-party laboratory.

So, while high-quality CBD oils are more expensive than average supplements and cosmetics, it’s worth it considering how versatile this product is in improving your well-being.

The good news is that many of the factors driving up the price of CBD oil are only temporary, and as the market develops and full legalisation approaches, prices will only decrease.

For now, you have plenty of options to save on high-quality products with Hempo CBD.

Dažnai užduodami klausimai

Kokio stiprumo CBD aliejų rinktis ?

Nepriklausomai nuo to, kokio stiprumo CBD aliejų renkatės, dėmesį kreipti reikėtų į vartojamo CBD kiekį miligramais. Pavyzdžiui pradedantiems yra rekomenduojama vartoti po 20-30mg CBD, du kartus per dieną, o priklausomai nuo koncentracijos, skirsis reikiamų vartoti lašų kiekis:

  • 5% CBD aliejaus viename laše yra 2,5mg CBD
  • 10% CBD aliejaus viename laše yra 5mg CBD
  • 15% CBD aliejaus viename laše yra 7,5mg CBD
  • 20% CBD aliejaus viename laše yra 10mg CBD
  • 30% CBD aliejaus viename laše yra 15mg CBD

Trumpai tariant, norimą efektą galima pajausti su bet kurio stiprumo CBD aliejumi, tiesiog skirsis reikiamų vartoti lašų kiekis.

Kas yra CBD ?

CBD, arba kanabidiolis, yra kanapių augaluose randama molekulė, kurios teigiamą naudą žmonių organizmui patvirtino daugybė mokslinių tyrimų. Atrasta 1940 m. ir plačiai tiriama mokslo bendruomenėje iki šiol. CBD naudojamas kosmetikoje, maisto papilduose ir net vaistuose.
Nors ir išgaunamas iš kanapių, CBD neturi psichotropinio poveikio. Ši medžiaga yra legali daugelyje šalių, įskaitant ir Lietuvą.

Kam naudojamas CBD aliejus ?

CBD aliejus ir jo gaminiai turi labai platų panaudojimo spektrą, pradedant nuo kosmetikos, kuri gali padėti gydyti išsausėjusią odą, aknę, senėjimo požymius, bei sustiprinti nagų ir plaukų būklę bei struktūrą. Kanabidiolis daugelyje pasaulio šalių yra vartojamas kaip maisto papildas ir vertinami dėl savo raminamųjų savybių - gali pagerinti miego sutrikimus (jo kokybę), sumažinti nerimą ar net depresiją. Negana to, daugybės klinikinių tyrimų metu buvo įrodyta, jog CBD vartojimas gali turėti teigiamą poveikį gydant įvairius sutrikimus ar ligas, apie tai galite paskaityti čia.

CBD aliejus sąveikauja su žmogaus endokanabinoidine sistema, padėdamas atkurti ir palaikyti fizinių bei psichologinių funkcijų balansą. Daugiau apie tai skaitykite šiame straipsnyje.

Ar CBD legalu Lietuvoje ?

Taip. Remiantis LR pluoštinių kanapių įstatymo nr. XII-336 pataisomis, CBD kanapių aliejaus gaminiai, jų prekyba ir naudojimas yra leidžiamas, tačiau svarbu žinoti jog šiuose gaminiuose, psichoaktyviosios medžiagos tetrahidrokanabinolio (THC) kiekis privalo neviršyti 0,2%.

Kaip vartoti CBD ?

Rekomenduojame vartoti reguliariai, lašinant produkto aprašyme nurodytą lašų kiekį ant pasirinktos vietos, 2 kartus per dieną (ryte ir vakare), prieš vartojimą papurtyti. Atkreipiame dėmesį į tai, jog kiekvienas turime skirtingą pageidaujamą poveikį ir tolerancijos lygį skirtingos koncentracijos CBD produktams, todėl siūlome pradėti nuo mažiausio rekomenduojamo vartoti kiekio ir esant poreikiui, palaipsniui jį didinti, tačiau neviršykite 200 mg CBD per dieną.
Turėkite omenyje - jeigu CBD naudojate pirmą kartą, poveikį galite pajausti ne iš karto,- Jūsų endokanabinoidų receptoriai turi prisitaikyti prie fitokanabinoidų (CBD), tam gali prireikti iki keletos dienų.

Per kiek laiko pradeda veikti CBD ?

  • CBD aliejus įprastai pradeda veikti per 15 minučių.
  • CBD kapsulių poveikis jaučiamas po 40-90 minučių.
  • CBD pleistras pradeda veikti iš karto, tačiau numalšinti raumenų ar sąnarių skausmą gali užtrukti 4-8 val.

Kas yra Pilno spektro (Full-spectrum) CBD aliejus ?

Ši CBD aliejaus rūšis pasižymi plačiausia kanabinoidų (CBD, CBG, CBN ir kt.) sudėtimi, įskaitant terpenus ir flavanoidus. Ši CBD ekstrakto rūšis yra laikoma efektyviausia, nes turi didžiausią kanabinoidų „palydos (sinergijos) efektą“. Šis efektas lemia didesnį CBD efektyvumą. Jis atsiranda dėl to, kad Pilno spektro CBD aliejuje esantys gretutiniai kanabinoidai veikia kartu, taip sustiprindami ir CBD, poveikį organizmui.

Kas yra Plataus spektro (Broad-spectrum) CBD aliejus ?

Ši CBD aliejaus rūšis neturi konkretaus sudėties apibrėžimo, todėl gali reikšti kad ekstraktas savo sudėtyje turi tik kelis kanabinoidus ir/ar terpenus, arba tai, jog turi daugiau įvairių kanapių augalo junginių ir kanabinoidų.
Hempo plataus spektro CBD aliejuje yra išsaugota didžioji dauguma naudingųjų kanabinoidų ir terpenų, tačiau yra visiškai pašalintas kanabinoidas THC (tetrahidrokanabinolis).

Ar galiu panaudoti nuolaidos kodą, jeigu prekei jau yra taikoma nuolaida ?

Nuolaidos nėra sumuojamos, todėl norėdami panaudoti nuolaidos kodą prekei, kurios kaina jau yra sumažinta, matysite žinutę: "Nuolaidos kodas negalioja".

Ar CBD produktai gali sukelti šalutinį poveikį ?

Daugelis klinikinių tyrimų įrodė, jog CBD gaminiai yra saugūs vartoti, tačiau ne paslaptis, jog kiekvieno organizmas yra skirtingas ir nors labai mažai tikėtina, tačiau gali pasireikšti nežymus šalutinis poveikis, pvz., odos paraudimas - tokiu atveju rekomenduojame nutraukti naudojimą ir kreiptis į šeimos gydytoją, prieš tęsiant CBD naudojimą.

Pažymėtina ir tai, jog Pasaulio Antidopingo agentūra kanabidiolį (CBD) įtraukė į leidžiamų naudoti sportininkams medžiagų sąrašą.

Ar saugu vartoti CBD nėščioms moterims ir vaikams ?

Nėščioms moterims:
Prieš pradedant vartoti CBD kanapių aliejų rekomenduojame pasitarti su kompetentingu gydytoju (dermatologu) ar specialistu.

Yra atlikta daugybė klinikinių tyrimų, kurių rezultatai rodo, jog nedidelės CBD koncentracijos produktai yra saugūs naudoti vaikams nuo 3 metų.

Ar kanapių aliejus ir CBD aliejus yra tas pats ?

Ne. Kanapių aliejus ir CBD aliejus yra du skirtingi produktai. Kanapių aliejus išgaunamas iš kanapių sėklų ir dažniausiai naudojamas maisto gamyboje, vertinamas dėl sudėtyje esančių omega-3 ir omega-6 riebalų rūgščių. Tuo tarpu CBD aliejus yra išgaunamas iš kanapių žiedų ir lapų, bei vertinamas dėl jo sudėtyje esančių naudingųjų kanabinoidų. Šie du aliejai pasižymi visiškai skirtingu poveikiu ir panaudojimu. Daugiau apie CBD aliejaus poveikį galite sužinoti skaitydami šį straipsnį.

Ar galima Hempo prekes įsigyti fizinėje parduotuvėje ?

Taip. Hempo prekes galima įsigyti Centrinėje universalinėje parduotuvėje (CUP) adresu Upės g. 9, Vilniuje, III aukšte esančioje prekybos vietoje - "CBDHome".