<tc>CBD drops - what are they and what benefits do they provide</tc>

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp. These compounds act in our brain in a similar way to certain natural neurotransmitters. The human body naturally produces compounds called endocannabinoids, which are similar in nature to the cannabinoids found in hemp.

Lithuania's Fiber Hemp Act came into force in 2021 - it designates that the certain parts of fiber hemp can be used in manufacturing. It has spurred the interest of producers and consumers in unique CBD properties and effects. CBD products have already gained international popularity due to their anti-inflammatory, sedative and anti-anxiety and stress-relieving properties.

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    Note: This and other articles on Hempo's blog are for informational purposes only. According to the directive of the European Commission, cannabidiol is classified as a 'novel food', therefore CBD products should not be used as a food supplement in Lithuania.

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    How CBD drops work

    Did you know that every human has an endocannabinoid system? This system plays a crucial role in managing our emotional state, physiological processes of the body and general well-being. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a complex neural circuit that helps balance various body functions - it's also the main reason we feel relaxed when we consume CBD products.

    The working principles of this system underlie the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids in hemp. The ECS consists of cannabinoids and their receptors. Cannabinoid receptors can be likened to a lock, and cannabinoids activate these receptors to signal the body when to start or stop certain processes.

    In short, CBD drops combine with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the human body and thus maintain the normal state of the body. The main goal of this process is homeostasis - maintaining the stability of internal functions despite changes in the external environment.

    Effects and benefits of CBD drops

    These are the areas where the strongest effects of CBD drops are observed:

    The benefits of CBD drops for cancer patients

    Although CBD drops are not considered a primary method of cancer treatment, they provide significant benefits in reducing various unpleasant symptoms caused by oncological diseases such as lack of appetite, physical weakness, nausea, vomiting and weight loss, which are usually considered the consequences of oncological disease treatment (chemotherapy). In addition, CBD drops are important for strengthening the immune system, especially after chemotherapy, when it is significantly weakened.

    Recent scientific research reveals that cannabidiol may have additional benefits in the treatment of oncological diseases. It is believed that CBD drops can contribute to reducing tumor size and slowing down the growth of cancer cells. However, it is important to emphasize that these hypotheses still await final confirmation in the near future. Not enough research has yet been done to draw definitive conclusions in this area, but preliminary studies show promising results.

    The benefits of CBD drops for heart function

    Some research shows that CBD drops can have a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system, reducing high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a common health problem that can lead to more serious illnesses or complications, such as heart attack or stroke.

    Using CBD can help lower high blood pressure, strengthen the heart, and improve heart health. In addition, CBD drops help maintain a healthy and stable blood pressure, improve blood circulation and maintain normal blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart attack and other related diseases.

    Health professionals say that CBD consumption can be beneficial even for those without heart problems - CBD drops are an excellent preventive measure helping to protect against possible diseases. This is especially important in our country, where cardiovascular diseases are one of the main causes of death - the use of cannabidiol for heart health can indeed be a valuable protective measure.

    Effect of CBD drops on improving sleep quality

    CBD drops are considered an excellent tool for those who want to improve the quality of their sleep. Studies show that taking CBD helps people fall asleep more easily and wake up at the same time each morning.

    Consumption of CBD one or two hours before bedtime can effectively contribute to the solution of insomnia problems and make the night's rest more quality and peaceful.

    Cannabidiol is increasingly becoming an integral part of many people's wellness routines when it comes to relieving pain, improving sleep quality or increasing energy levels. It is important to pay attention to the fact that if you decide to try CBD drops, you should choose only high-quality products made from organic hemp grown on organic plantations, and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

    The help of CBD drops in relieving pain of various origins

    Hemp has been known for thousands of years as an effective pain reliever. Recent studies have revealed that CBD is one of the main components of hemp that influence these effects. By interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system, CBD drops effectively block pain receptors, reducing the physical discomfort caused by pain.

    In different countries of the world, CBD drops can be used in different ways. For example, in some countries where CBD is legalized as a food supplement, CBD drops can be taken orally, but in Lithuania - only externally. CBD drops are an excellent choice for alleviating various physical ailments, such as muscle or tendon strains, back and shoulder pain, as well as pain caused by chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes or oncological diseases.

    The use of cannabidiol may be safer and less harmful than traditional pain relievers because it is not physically addictive and has very few side effects.

    CBD drops: how much to take and how to use?

    The required amount of CBD drops may vary from person to person, depending on their unique body condition, tolerance level, ailments they are experiencing and the intensity of the CBD effect they are seeking.

    CBD doses are determined in milligrams and can vary from 2 mg to 200 mg per day (for complex diseases). The most effective way to determine the right amount of CBD drops is to start with the lowest recommended dose and gradually increase it until the desired effect is achieved. For beginners, and especially those who use hemp products for the first time, have a low tolerance or weigh less than 50 kg, it is recommended to start with 10-15 mg of CBD. People weighing more than 85 kg may need higher doses of CBD drops, such as at least 25 mg, to experience the desired effects.

    It is important to remember that the reaction of each person's body to CBD drops is unique, and the optimal amount of CBD can only be determined without fear of experimentation.

    The appropriate frequency of CBD drops depends on your individual needs. However, it is important to mention that regular use of CBD drops is a crucial factor in their effectiveness. This allows cannabidiol and other substances in CBD drops, such as terpenes or flavonoids, to strengthen the endocannabinoid system and stimulate the production of natural cannabinoids, thus maintaining balance and homeostasis in the body. Regular use of CBD drops helps maintain a constant level of endocannabinoids in the body.

    The duration of action of a CBD product depends on its type, dosage and other factors that determine the rate of absorption. The effects of CBD can be felt in just a few minutes, but it can take several hours for cannabidiol to start interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

    The onset time of CBD drops can be determined by the following factors:

    • CBD content in milligrams;
    • Total body weight;
    • Body fat percentage;
    • Frequency of use.

    Many people choose to take CBD drops several times a day to ensure a consistent level of cannabinoids in the body.

    CBD drops: an overview

    The effectiveness of CBD drops is determined by many factors, including the type of hemp, CBD extraction method used in the composition oil "carrier" and interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Always choose only those CBD products that have been tested by an independent third-party laboratory. Also, before purchasing CBD drops, it is a good idea to take into account the product reviews on the Internet and choose a reliable brand that has been on the market for a long time to avoid products that are of poor quality or even potentially harmful to your health.

    Dažnai užduodami klausimai

    Kaip veikia CBD lašai?

    CBD lašai veikia sąveikaudami su žmogaus endokanabinoidine sistema (EKS) - sudėtinga neuronų grandine, kuri reguliuoja gyvybiškai svarbias kūno funkcijas, įskaitant skausmo pojūtį, uždegimą ir nuotaiką. CBD padeda palaikyti šių funkcijų pusiausvyrą, dar vadinamą homeostaze, teikdamas raminamąjį ir uždegimą mažinantį poveikį.

    Kokia yra CBD lašų nauda?

    CBD lašai gali padėti mažinti įvairios kilmės skausmą, uždegiminius procesus organizme, nerimą ir stresą bei pagerinti miego kokybę. Jie taip pat gali būti naudingi sergant onkologinėmis ligomis, t.y. mažinant chemoterapijos sukeltus simptomus (apetito stoką, pykinimą ir vėmimą ar fizinį silpnumą), ir teigiamai veikti širdies veiklą bei kraujotakos sistemą, t.y. sumažinti kraujospūdį.

    Ar CBD lašai yra legalūs Lietuvoje?

    Taip, CBD lašai yra legalūs Lietuvoje, jeigu jie yra gaminami iš leistinų pluoštinių kanapių augalų dalių pagal 2021 m. įsigaliojusį Pluoštinių kanapių įstatymą. Svarbu, kad CBD produktuose esantis THC kiekis neviršytų nustatytos normos - 0,2%.

    Kaip vartoti CBD lašus?

    Tose šalyse, kuriose CBD yra priskiriamas maisto papildams, CBD lašai dažniausiai yra vartojami per burną, t.y. lašinant juos po liežuviu - tokiu būdu jie greitai absorbuojami į kraujotaką. Remiantis Europos Komisijos direktyva, Lietuvoje CBD lašus galima naudoti tik išoriškai - tą reikėtų daryti juos tepant ant plaštakų arterijų arba smilkinių - CBD lašus taip pat galima tepti ir ant įvairių probleminių odos vietų, kur jaučiamas skausmas ar diskomfortas. Visuomet rekomenduojama pradėti nuo mažiausios dozės ir palaipsniui ją didinti, kol pavyksta pasiekti norimą poveikį.

    Kiek CBD lašų reikėtų vartoti?

    Rekomenduojama CBD lašų dozė priklauso nuo asmens individualių poreikių, sveikatos būklės ir pasirinkto produkto stiprumo. CBD dozė gali svyruoti nuo 2 mg iki 200 mg (sergant sunkiomis ligomis) per dieną. Pradedantiesiems, kurie kanapių produktus naudoja pirmą kartą bei turi mažą toleranciją arba sveria mažiau nei 50 kg, rekomenduojama pradėti nuo 10-15 mg CBD. Svarbu pradėti nuo mažiausios dozės ir, prireikus, dozę palaipsniui didinti, stebint savo bendrą savijautą ir organizmo reakciją į CBD.