MB "Hempo"
Įmonės kodas: 305718228
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Buveinės adresas: T.Kosciuškos g. 34-1, Vilnius

Tel. (I-V, 10:00-18:00): +370 (657) 87 843
El. paštas: info@hempo.lt

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Hemp CBD oil is an exceptional quality product produced in Switzerland from organically grown hemp with a special genetic profile. We have been looking for reliable partners and the best raw materials for a long time. Finally, with the help of Swiss hemp industry experts and advanced technology, we have created a product that we are proud of.

Hemp CBD oil is produced according to extremely strict requirements. The production system of the products is based on the ISO quality guarantee, the Swiss Certified
Hemp (SCC) system and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GGP). Hemp hemp is grown according to the principles of organic farming, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is CBD oil grown by nature, purified by science and produced with special attention.